Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fun

Alot of different updates and alot of photos......

We are quickly approaching our 4 month mark since we met Elizabeth. She is still doing so well. She continues to fully bond with her family and we enjoy getting to know more and more her fun, easy going personality. Here's a quick flashback. We got an updated photo of her right after we received her referral in March. We stared at this photo for many hours while we waited to travel & met her. We think this photo was taken sometime early last spring. She was about 17 months old.  We noticed how bundled up she was in this cute red coat. When we were in China we came across a coat that was very similar. We recently had an early cold snap and I took a few photos of Elizabeth in the cute red coat. Its not exactly the same but pretty close. Doesn't she look different!?!?

We have a really fun backyard. Since we just moved in we are still discovering new things. We have a big cornfield behind our yard and one day Gray's was coloring on the backporch enjoying the fall weather. Suddenly some REALLY BIG tractors came through the field and started cutting the corn. At first Gray was upset yelling "hey, don't take my corn". But I explained to him that it wasn't our corn and the farmer was harvesting it. So he was enthralled watching them cut & shuck the corn....it really was neat. 

Grand & Papou made fall visit and this is Papou playing football with the boys in the backyard. We love having them visit and enjoyed making smores with them at the firepit after dinner.

Fall colors starting to burst through the green on our tree.
As I've mentioned...I'm homeschooling my 4th grader. It has been challenging and rewarding. I've learned ALOT about my child and her education to say the least. One of the pros to homeschooling is taking advantage of community events. Recently we went to a historical home's fall/pioneer festival. My kids LOVED visiting the Colonial Doctor. They asked lots of questions about all the instruments and cutting people open.....hmmmm wonder where they get that from??? It was really cold that day...can't you tell!

And today we did one of my favorite fall activites and also one of my favorite photo opportunities.....The Gentry Farms Pumpkin Patch!!!

First we played inside the barn. We went with alot of homeschool friends, most significantly cousins Graham, Davis, & Corinne.

Corinne "weaving"
Gray emerging from the Corn Maze
Pumpkin Portraits

Tire Swing Time

I love this low angle photos of the boys on the Tire swing!!!

Corinne is getting bigger!
Langley is over the 4 ft mark!
Little Squirt
My Big Boy Gray. Mac was busy and I didn't get his photo...dang it!