Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Posting Drought but we survived a Flood

Its been quite a while since we've posted on our blog! We've had a busy spring with sports, school, trips, and most recently a natural disaster!

Elizabeth is still getting her weekly therapy and she is now wearing a brace at night. We have seen a huge improvement in her hand positioning. We are still waiting on her daytime brace to arrive and I think we'll see even more improvement. She still isn't very big but her legs seem to get longer every day. And she is strong & active chasing her older siblings outside now that the weather is nice.

We took a couple of trips this spring which we knew would be a bit tough for Elizabeth, especially sleeping wise. And we were right. She basically slept with us and the first night in a new place is the most difficult. I hope over more time & experiences she realizes a new place doesn't mean new parents. She still is very much a "mama" girl and is still jealous of affection that I show another young child, including her siblings. We are working on all just takes time, mercy, and patience I think.

Our first trip was to my college town of Athens. In some of the photos you can see the "kenesiotaping" we are using on her arm...its part of her physical therapy.

Then we went to Little Rock for Easter and Grand bought the 3 granddaughers beautiful matching pink Easter dresses. The boys were very handsome as well!

Footwashing at the Resurrection Trail

Most recently our dear town & city were flooded this past weekend. We were foturnate to not have any damage to our home or any of our family's homes. However many, many of our friends are suffering greatly and some have lost everything. We were trapped in our neighborhood for a few days until the water moved off the roads. We did make it to downtown before the waters receded was unbelievable.

Normal Backyard

Backyard with the "new creek"

One of the main roads going into our town.

Now the school year is quickly ending and we are getting ready for a busy summer for the older kids. Myself and the two younger ones will probably be playing at home alot. We are taking Elizabeth to the beach in June and there she will be another cousin from China! We are all looking so forward to that week at the beach!