Friday, June 26, 2009

Try looking at our other website

Hi everyone. It appears that blogger is completely blocked here in
China. I can "kind of" post via email but we can't see it at all. It
sounds like photos are sometimes coming through and sometimes not.

So anyways. I'm now posting at our old website. There should be a link
to it on the right hand column. But it is and we are posting under "Travel Logs"

I put some photos there from Shanghai today. I understand none or few
came though onto blogger?? So go check out this other website and
follow us there.
You can also leave comments on the langleysmeimei site as well!!!
We love comments!!! It really encourages us!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shanghai Photos

We've had a nice day here in Shanghai. The weather is actually pretty nice. Georgia was great escorting us around the city today. We are now resting in the room for a bit, watching CNN. We are going to walk Nanjing Road tonight and walk down to the Bund River. Georgia said it is really beautiful at night....lots of lights. I am especially jetlagged, so fighting wanting to sleep. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. We fly out tomorrow to Fuzhou in the afternoon. We are very excited to get to Elizabeth's province & settle into our room.

Blogger is completely blocked here in China. I'm going to see if I can get onto langleysmeimei website and if I can I might start posting there. But I'll post on here if we switch to the old website.

We are getting your comments via email so keep 'em coming. My backup folks in the USA are trying to publish comments for me, but don't be discouraged if it takes a while to see your comments.

Here are a few photos from today:

Yu Garden

Shannon & John in Yu Garden


Shannon and Gerogia

Lunch on Friday

Shannon and I are with Georgia, a friend of Carrie's. She is an ex-pat
living here. She has been very helpful, especially with corrupt cab
drivers. Shannon is still pretty jet lagged and I am still adjusting
too. We are doing well and will do some shopping this afternoon. Can't
wait to see Elizabeth.


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A note from Langley

Today has been a good day. But I'm still sad about not going to China. I think Gray  misses Mommy and Daddy and Mac misses them too. So do I ,very much! Mac is very curious about a lot of things, Gray is well Gray! But I'm more responsible than ever! But I'm still really excited  about her coming home! Written by Langley

We are in Shanghai

We made it! I can't get on appears to be blocked. So I'm
posting using another method.

Right now I can't see your comments or moderate them (so that others
can see them) But please keep commenting
b/c we'll get them posted asap.

The flight was good. We were nervous with the quarantine health
officials coming on board but all went well.
We are very, very tired and looking forward to a good night's sleep.

We are so thankful to be here, be healthy, and some HUGE steps closer
to Elizabeth!

Good night from Shanghai!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting on the Big Bird to China

Sorry it's a dark photo but we wanted Langley, Mac, & Gray to see the
HUGE airplane!!! We will check back from Shanghai!

Landed in Detroit

After a two hour delay we are in Motor City. Shannon and I are in good
spirits. Thank you all for your prayers. We will board for the next
flight in about 2 hours.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we goooooooo..........

We are so thankful for the support we have received in the past 24 hrs from friends, families and the whole adoption community. Our children are well loved and well cared for while we are gone, and they are going to have alot of fun as well! We have been affirmed over and over again with our decision to leave Langley at home. We have so much peace about that now.

We did have quite a bit of scrambling & changes to make this morning. God was gracious and provided a smooth path to do so. So now we are repacked, minus one suitcase, so things are a bit bulkier and heavier. Once we get to Fuzhou we can unload several things as we have gifts for officials, foster family, and items for the orphanage. Thanks to my father in law we have several cleft bottles to give to the orphanage!

We tried to spend extra quality time with the kids today. We read alot of books, played some games, and had dinner with extended family. It was a good day. Tonight the 5 of us gathered together to ask questions, express feelings, and pray. The prayers were precious. Prayer time was ended with our 4 year olds prayers for all of us to HAVE FUN! Amen, brother! How it must please our father to see his beloved filled with JOY! 

I have to share a little from how our big girl is doing. I'm so proud of her. I don't think many adults would be so gracious with such disappointment. She is wise and heavenly-minded. She told me today that she might not be crying and her face might not look sad, but inside she still feels sad about not going. She and I had a big cry first thing this morning when she woke up and saw me outside her door unpacking all of her things. She is sad but I think she is also grateful to stay home when we explained the situation. I do still feel that Langley is a special part of this journey. We had planned for her to blog while in China and I still feel she has a unique way of telling this story. So we have asked her to still blog from the homefront. I hope she will.

Our hearts are full with excitement and anticipation. What a precious feeling to KNOW you are in your Father's hands!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A sad, difficult decision

As you know we have been at prayer regarding the swine flu. We are concerned at a variety of levels but tonight something was brought to our attention that we could not ignore. The following is a section from the US State Dept.

In some instances, children have been separated from their parents because either the parent or the child tested positive for 2009-H1N1 and was placed in quarantine for treatment. This situation presents the possibility of Chinese medical personnel administering medications to minors without first having consulted their parents.

Through many prayers & tears we have decided to leave our oldest daughter home. We are heartbroken and she is heartbroken. We just felt it was unwise to subject her to risk of being removed from our care and being alone in a Chinese hospital. We are trusting that God has provided us with this information for our protection and given us wisdom to make this difficult decision.

We were completely packed & ready and now we are repacking, changing flights, and rearranging childcare. 

We thank God for providing this information 24 hrs prior to leaving rather than 24 hours after arriving.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Calling on the prayer warriors again! Swine flu....

Swine flu......we know of a family who is quarantined in Beijing right now. A person sitting behind them on the plane had the flu. Now the father has tested positive and the entire family is quarantined in the hospital (3 children, 3 adults). They were due to meet their daughter on Monday in our province! I have no idea how things will proceed with this family. Pray for them.

Also, now China is doing random quarantine's. Really for us quarantine is bad but what is worse is actually getting sick. We are asking for prayers for ourselves and all those adoptive families about to travel for COMPLETE health & protection.

We are worried..... but Jesus tells us not to worry so we are praying and trusting. God help us in our weakness.

He is also reminding me of how He has shown himself and PROVIDED for our every need, especially in recent months. God has brought Joshua 4:21-24 to my heart:
Then he spoke to the children of Israel, saying: “When your children ask their fathers in time to come, saying, ‘What are these stones?’ then you shall let your children know, saying, ‘Israel crossed over this Jordan on dry land’; “for the LORD your God dried up the waters of the Jordan before you until you had crossed over, as the LORD your God did to the Red Sea, which He dried up before us until we had crossed over, that all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty, that you may fear the LORD your God forever.”

I have several "memorial stones" that I need to lay down to remind myself of WHO God is and HOW He loves me. How he has provided, even performed miracles for our family. How He has protected us when we didn't realize we needed protection. How He is all knowing, all powerful, and sovereign over all things....this is Who He Is. That is what I need to remember.

So we lay down our memorial stones first so our children will know and remember the Lord our God. And the that the "peoples of the earth" might also know.

Prayer warriors, join us in praying our way to China and back. May God's Glory shine bright!

Praying this prayer expectantly: Psalm 5:11-12
Because of Jesus we are called Righteous!

11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; 
       let them ever sing for joy. 
       Spread your protection over them, 
       that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

 12 For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; 
       you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Camera & Note from Langley

We got a new video camera today. Our old one was huge and took forever to download videos. So this should be great for posting videos of Elizabeth while in China. I took a short video for a "test" post. Here it is:

The following is Langley's first post on this blog. I hope she'll do some more in China...I think she will....she loves to write.

Elizabeth is my only sister! I  really like the idea of me going to China!YIPPI YIPPI!! COOL!!! I know the flight will be long but its worth it.I think it will be fun but I'm a little nervous , I haven't been this far from home. I think that this will be the best summer ever!Actually I know that this will be the best summer ever! And I will always remember my 9 birthday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Forever Family Quilt Squares (#26-30)

We took the kids to a quilt store and each walked through the aisles of fabrics until they found just the perfect fabric for their little sister. John and I selected fabric as well. It was a very sweet time together as we shared our excitement of Elizabeth joining the 5 of us!

This is the fabric Langley selected. I think it is so beautiful & unique.....very much like Langley. She has a beautiful heart and has been praying/dreaming of a sister for years.
This is what Gray selected. He is very decisive. It was the first one he saw and refused to consider anything else. I think Gray loves Elizabeth very much....He is going to be a great big brother!
And this is what our superstar Mac selected. It is very appropriate. Mac spent a lot of time on his card. He wanted to say just the right thing to his new sister. What a sweet boy!
This is from me. These are some of my favorite colors and had an asian look as well. It expresses the beauty that Elizabeth has brought to my heart.
And this what John selected. I think he was the most thoughtful of all of us. Elizabeth is named after his grandmother, Nana. John adored his grandmother. She was a schoolteacher and wanted to find a fabric that expressed Elizabeth's namesake.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Info!

When we received Elizabeth's referral we learned that she had been in foster care since 3 months old. Soon afterwards we learned which organization provided her foster care. I contacted that organization and sent letters to her sponsors here in the US thanking them for sponsoring her. Due to China rules, the organization is not allowed to share any information with adoptive parents....they can only share info with sponsors. So we were hoping that perhaps we would meet a sponsor and they would have some type of history or info on Elizabeth.

Last week, a letter arrived from one of Elizabeth's sponsors. We were so thrilled! I called the lady at home and we spoke for a while. I explained how only she could share info with us that the organization wasn't allowed to do that. Suddenly, she realized how her "updates" were precious to us. And she promised me she would look and see how many updates she could find and send them to us. Well, today those updates arrived. I had no idea what to expect or what type of information would be in the sponsor updates. 

The information we received today is priceless. We have 4 new photos. We have sets of measurements and can actually create a growth chart for the doctors! We have much more detailed info about her developmental and social growth. And we even have a little more insight into her arm....she can move it!!!

One of the most significant insights is her relationship with her foster family. This precious baby is going to be sad, oh so sad in a few short days. As I pray for my days to get shorter as I want to hold her, I pray for God to lengthen her days with her foster family. I pray that she enjoys their love and presence immensely these few remaining days with them. They obviously have loved her well. I am overwhelmed thinking about how sad my baby's heart will be as she leaves her mother, father, and sister. That is how she knows them. Those are the names she calls them. I am praying for God to fill us with wisdom and grace to love this baby and walk with her in her grief. I am praying for a miracle....for God to create a corner for us in her heart and with his healing that corner will grow as she learns to trust us.

I am praising God for the details in this new information that show us His presence and loving care. Several reports talk about how much Elizabeth loves playing with her sister's "electric organ". When we sent a care package we sent one electric piano. We didn't know what she would like, but God did. Also it appears she is very close to her sister and we don't know her age but it sounds as though she is older. I wonder if she is Langley's age? And God placed it on our hearts from day one that Langley was to go on this trip. He knew even before Elizabeth was born that she would need her sister during this time.

Here are our sweet new photos. The love is abounding in our hearts!

April 2009

December 2008

August 2008

April 2008

Friday, June 12, 2009

A new dress and more quilt squares(#22-25)

My sister ( made another dress for Elizabeth. Isn't it cute?
She made a matching skirt for Langley as well. She is selling her amazing designs to raise money for their second China adoption. You will LOVE her creations!

This is a square from my niece Corinne. Corinne just had her first trip to Disney World and is very excited about princess, fairies.....and mermaids! I think she and Elizabeth will have a lot of fun with each other!
This is from my nephew Davis. I love the "bad kitties" in this print. Davis is wickedly funny and has a super tender heart. This print makes me laugh....just like Davis always does.
This is from my oldest nephew Graham. Kitties are obviously important in their house! I think this is so sweet and loving...especially with what he wrote!

This is from some friends here in our town. They just had their first baby! How sweet for this new Momma to share in our joy. Congrats on your new little guy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Langley's VERY SPECIAL birthday present!

Our oldest child, Langley, who is going to China with us is celebrating her 9th birthday while we are there....June 28th.

I just got an email from our agency and Langley is getting a very special gift on her 9th birthday.....her baby sister!!!

Yep, we are meeting Elizabeth a day early!!!

I've posted our travel schedule on the right sidebar.

So God is giving us our daughters on the same day of the year!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Details, details, details

I've had the "supply" suitcase packed for several weeks now. And last week we pretty much packed our clothes for all 4 of us. I went back through all the supplies and repacked, taking somethings out and adding some other stuff. We are taking 3 suitcases, all under 44 lbs (China weight limit). We have an extra duffle packed in the bottom of one suitcase in case we need it to bring home gifts.

So here is what is in the "supply" bag:
Diapers (one small pack, we'll have to buy more in China)
Wipes & Beaudreaux Butt Paste
Swim Diapers
Scented small garbage bags for stinky diapers
Ergo (to carry Elizabeth, facilitates attachment)
Gifts for officials (sunscreen, lip balm, maybelline makeup, gift bags & tissue)
BIG box of Cheerios : ) and ziplock baggies
2 small boxes animal crackers
Baby lotion
Exchange outfit/shoes to give orphanage (replaces what Elizabeth is wearing)
Super soft snuggly blanket
Soft "lovey" blankie
Art supplies for Elizabeth (we were told she loves to draw & color) "fat" pencils and triangle fat crayons so they won't roll on airplane! construction paper, drawing pad, magic finger painting, coloring book, small magna doodle, foam stickers, regular stickers
2-3 small books
Blow beach ball & 2 small bouncy balls
Stacking cups & stacking rings
1 pair of shoes (we plan on buying shoes in China!)

The 2nd suitcase has our clothes and our 9 yr old's clothes.

The final suitcase has Elizabeth's clothes, toiletries, medications, and snacks for ourselves.

Tonight I worked on a couple of special items.

First is the foster family's gift. We are giving foster mom a locket with two photos of Elizabeth. We hope this expresses some of our gratitude to her! We also giving them a photo album with every photo we have of Elizabeth and a few of our family. I still need to write a letter to include with the gift and have the letter translated.....that's going on my "to do" list.

I'm also creating two little photo albums for Elizabeth. One is "baby einstein" and is so cute. She can chew on it and play with it. I have another one with ladybugs on it that will have more family photos. I'm focusing on photos of her brothers and the grandparents. These are the people she will see the most once at home.

Now I'm going to see what's next on the "to do" list : )

Words that hurt

I came across this blog: and read her entry about PC speech related to adoption. I thought the way she wrote about it was very good. She points out what the child is hearing/interpretting and also the Momma Lion response. Then she states what is best to say. This is very helpful to me on both sides of the converstation. I have learned alot and hopefully don't say the hurtful things I have said in the past. 

We all have put our foot in our mouth....if you think you haven't you might want to pull it out right now..Haha! I will share two experiences where I wish I had just kept my mouth shut or at least thought through what I was saying. Both these instances were conversations with adoptive moms that I adore and they both inspired me to adopt. I truly love these families and it hurts my heart that my words were so thoughtless. Praise God for mercy & forgiveness.

Scenario #1: Adoptive mother talking to me about the challenges of her adopted child. Major attachment issues that were destroying their family. I am VERY close to this family. I consider them my spiritual mentors. I have a degree in counseling so in my smugness I say "I just don't think people think through all the issues with these kids who have traumatic histories. I think they have no idea what they are getting themselves into" Her loving, gracefilled, SHINE THE LIGHT into my dark heart response? "I just don't think that is how Jesus would see it or how he would look at these children. He loves them." Uhhhh, not only did that shut my arrogant mouth but it opened my hard heart. Thank you sweet friend!

Scenario #2: Family at my church, B & L. I felt a special connection to the daughter who was adopted from China. God did use this little girl to open my heart to my own daughter! But one Sunday I was helping in the nursery with this mother and her daughter. Another family's newly adopted daughter from China, M, was in the nursery with us that morning. We were told not to put her in a swing b/c she hated it and spent a lot of time confined to a chair, swing, etc. while at the orphanage. When that comment was made I piped in with "The conditions those children live in are just awful!" I continued with some more statements about the horrid conditions of the orphange.....of course all my knowledge was from the family in scenario #1 and the TV news shows. I said this in front of L who was an elementary age girl who also lived in one of those orphanage. Thank goodness her mother was wise. She looked at me STRONGLY and said "Yes, but the children are brave and resiliant and God protected these girls and brought them home" I am so sorry for saying words that were hurtful to L, that was wrong. It is her mother's place, not mine, to explain to her what her life was like in the orphanage.

Here is the excerpt from the other blog. 

I don't get hung up on P.C. speech.  Say "Special education" or "Exceptional child education"; "Black" or "African American".  I don't care. I will say though that my oldest is NOT "Oriental". Things are "oriental", like rugs.  People from that far off continent are "Asian." To those who have called my son, "oriental",  I'm sure you were doing so out of ignorance, not malice, so no harm done.  Please forgive the, "He's not a vase," mumbled under my breath.  Now you know.  

As an adoptive mom I hear all sorts of comments.  And since my kids are usually within earshot, and the comments are often about them, I'm a little more sensitive to what is said, how it's worded, and how it's heard in my kids' ears.  I'm going to assume that most people are simply ignorant.  Adoption is foreign to them, and well-intentioned, good hearted people ask questions and make comments that really aren't appropriate.  This post may shed some light on what I'm talking about. 

Comments we hear at Walmart, restaurants, the park, church, school...:
1. "Are those your real children?"  What I want to say:  "Yes, I leave the fake ones at home." What my kids hear: "Why would someone look at our family and question whether or not I'm a real person?  Why isn't Mommy my real Mommy?"  What the speaker means, and SHOULD say: "Are they biologically your children?"  or "Are you an adoptive family?"  My answer: "Yes, they are ours.  We are an adoptive family."

2. "OH!  Are they adopted?"  What I want to say: "Please, make them feel like more of a freak of nature-ask us if they're part iguana."  What my kids hear: "Wow-people can tell I'm weird just by looking at me from across the room!"  What the speaker SHOULD say: "Are you an adoptive family?"  My answer: "Yes, we are."

*Yes...there's a pattern here.  "Adoptive FAMILY" is a good, P.C. term.  It shines the adoption spotlight on everyone in the family to share equally instead of one kid-the adopted one, often young and insecure-being singled out as being different in front of strangers.

3. "How much did they cost?"  What I want to say, and often do because this one makes me mad: "I don't buy babies.  That's a felony."  What my kids hear: "There is a dollar amount on my worth."  What the speaker SHOULD have asked: "How much are the fees associated with adoption?"  What I would tell you then: "About the same as birthing a baby, without complications, and there is an $11,000 tax credit to help defer some of the expense."  

4. "Aren't you sad you can't have your own children?"  What I want to say, and sometimes do: "These are my OWN children, and are you kidding me? Look at them!  They're AMAZING!  How could I want anyone other than them?!."  What my kids hear: "Please Mommy say that you love us as much as you would love a biological child.  If other people doubt that, maybe we should too."  What the speaker SHOULD have said, PRIVATELY: "Are you sad you couldn't have biological children?"  My answer: "No.  We chose adoption."

5. "They're so lucky to have you!" What I say: "I'm blessed to have THEM."  What my kids hear: "Why are we lucky?  What's so wrong with us that no one else would want us?"  What the speaker SHOULD have said, "What beautiful children!  You are so blessed to be their mom!"My answer then: "Yes, I am!" Besides, I'm a Christian, so luck has nothing to do with it.

6. "I know someone who adopted.  They had to give those kids back because they were so messed up and couldn't adjust."  What I want to say: "Are you SERIOUSLY saying this out loud in front of my children!?"  What my kids hear: "Our adoption isn't permanent; it's subject to my good behavior."  What the speaker SHOULD have said: "I know someone who adopted.  It can have its own challenges."  My response: "Yes, parenting is a big responsibility and it doesn't always turn out like we plan.  But adoption is forever, just like with a biological family."

7. "Do you know his real mom?"  What I want to say, "I am his real mom."  What the kids hear: "I have a real mom?  Who are you then?"  What the speaker MEANT to say to avoid raising my ire: "Do you have contact with their birth families?"  My answer then: "We have limited contact with them, and respect them very much for the loving choice they made."

8. Something along the lines of "Are you babysitting?"  "Are you a foster mom?"  "They don't look like you" (ya think!) or the long stare that says, "What is THIS family situation?"  What I say: "We're an adoptive family."  What the speaker SHOULD have said: nothing. Or-you guessed it- "Are you an adoptive family?"  

9. "You're just like Angelina Jolie!" What I want to say: "No.  I definitely am not.  But if sharing one common cause makes you just like someone else, then I guess I'm her clone, despite my five foot nothing-ness, ponytail and sweat pants in the Walmart aisle."  What the speaker SHOULD have said: Nothing.  I really am tired of this one.  Not that she isn't a great person...I just don't like being compared to anyone, and I certainly don't adopt to be celeb. 

There are countless other odd comments we've received, but those are the big nine, unless it's Tim and Jason with the kids at Walmart.  They get a whole other set of looks and comments! HA!  So my point is, if you see a conspicuous family and want to know more, please consider what those kids will hear when you begin asking questions.  Think if it were your family.  Know that adoptive families have the same amount of love running through them as biological ones, so can't get away with these comments because it won't offend the mom as much as talking about her "real" children.  Those are her "real" children.  They do offend, and they confuse, but they also open the door for education and productive adoption conversation. 

When in doubt, go with, "Are you an adoptive family?" with a big welcoming smile. Leave luck out of it; remember we're all adopted through Jesus, and those kids are our most treasured gifts, so please don't make them squirm in uncomfortability in their grocery carts and set mom up for a long talk in the car on the way home about how we really are a REAL family.  (Yes, I made up that word.)  

Friday, June 5, 2009

Quilt Squares 12-21!

How cute is this bumblebee square?! These are sweet friends from church. Their youngest is especially precious to us right now as he lets me "practice" with him. He is the same size as Elizabeth. What a precious family!
This is from a friend in Little Rock....a fellow adoptive mom who is still waiting the long wait for referral. I love that she sent me a vintage fabric from her dear mother. This is a Japanese fabric!
This dear family walked with us through medical school and we grew our families at the same time and pace! They have been so kind & supportive through all types of life events!
Aren't these little girl's cute. This is a fellow adoptive family who has two little girls from Korea. I also know their older sister who has a heart for orphans and has already done amazing work for those precious children.
This cute piece is from my brother's family. We are having two babies join our family at the same time. My sister in law is due to delivery their 2nd child while we are in China! We hate to miss meeting our niece on her birthday but our hearts will be with them from from away.
I think this is just about one of the cutest notes & fabrics I've ever seen. This is from a family that I meet on an adoption blog! The adoption world is really a large family!

This is another piece from another family I meet on an adoption blog. I'm so amazed at the kindness shown by other adoptive parents. This community is what helps sustain you through the long wait.
This is a very cool piece from my dear Aunt Melba. Oh how we love her and Elizabeth is going to love her too! She is the grandmother of 4, and her youngest granddaughter came home from China last summer.
Are we blessed or what? This is from my 96 1/2 yr old grandmother. Elizabeth's great grandmother! Momma Hazel is healthy, active, and witty. When I showed her Elizabeth's photo she thought she was very cute!

Updated Measurements

A few days ago, before the travel plans went haywire, we got an update on Elizabeth!

We think this is probably a month or two old now so she might a "little" bigger which still doesn't make her very big! I'm taking 12 month size clothes for her. I have few 18 month dresses, just b/c I like dresses longer on little girls. So we'll see!

She is almost 20 pounds
She is 27.5 inches tall.....that's not very tall : )
Her foot is 10.5 centimeters. We think this about an infant size 3 shoe! TINY!
She has 8 teeth up and 9 teeth down.

Oh, and I'll do an quilt posting soon! We have received SEVERAL quilt squares and notes! Please keep them coming. We'd love to have as many home as possible before we travel but will certainly love to receive them even once we are home. I think we are about 1/3 way there to 100 squares!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

God Answers Prayers!!! WE ARE LEAVING JUNE 24th!!!

THANK YOU to all you prayer warriors!!!

God has heard His people's cry! 

We (and our entire travel group!!!) are leaving June 24th! We will return on July 10th.

We have reserved our flights and are now working on hotels and other details.

What an amazing, exciting time. What a blessing to be surrounded by the body of Christ!

More updates coming soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayers issues

Disappointing news today. There is too much to go into but basically our travel is delayed again.

It is confusing and we're not even sure if necessary.

And I want to clearly state that this is NOT a delay from China. These additional hoops to be jumped through are from the USA government. The inefficiency and lack of foresight is absurd. Countless families and children are going to be affected. It is complicated and frustrating.

What I would like to do is rally the prayer warriors. I believe we are in a spiritual battle. We put all our trust in God's timing & purpose. We also know we are called to pray and put on the full armor of God!